City of Heroes Costume Judge

Scottish Ranger
So the Costume Judge realizes these are Scottish colors. Doesn't mean they go well in this configuration. Good effort for trying another national hero though.
Omega Force
The dark red glowing eyes, and the red glow around the chest detail doesn't match or even go with the red of the suit, and really throws this costume off.
Something about the large red scarf, and the repeated red in the pants details...and just the right blue tone for the all ended up being a really solid looking character.
Miss Kitty Cat
One definitely grows tired of seeing cat-girls running around.
Another alright bubble-gum girl. At least they stuck with two colors and the same detailing over the whole costume.
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Canadian Pride
Here we have a pretty slick Canadian hero. It is nice to see other countries represented.
Brahma Bull
Another decent cow character. It was difficult to see any details on the dark brown, and could have used a little bit more detailing. As it is, a very plain looking cow.
Amanda Hugankis
Pretty amusing name, decent colors for a bubble-gum girl. Not sure how well the design on the boots go with the design on the shirt.
Alpha Doom
Eh, not much new here either. Same ol' same ol'.
Just about as average a character as you can get. Does what it needs to do to be an egyptian, but doesn't do anything new or fantastic.
Frost Imp
What's wrong with at least picking some colors that go along with your skin color? Interesting concept for a character, but the costume just doesn't work.
PC Repair Tech
There was nothing holding back the Costume Judge from giving this hero a perfect score. A key detail was the ponytail in the back. Excellent execution on an indispensable hero.
Med-Drone 01
Another consistent robot design, with the right details in the right places. You look at this guy and there's no mistaking he's a little Med-Drone.
Rabid Squirrell
I think this is a great idea for a character, although the only thing holding it back from a 9 or a 10 is that its a bit too dark.

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